Engaging The Millennial Consumer

Hotel Business Review:
Engaging the Millennial Consumer Through a Multi-Sensory Approach

Millennials have become the fastest growing consumer segment in the hospitality industry. Therefore, changes in quality and experiences provided in hotels across the nation are essential in ensuring greater competitiveness and overall success.

Millennials, who are heavily reliant on technology and seek non-traditional features in services provided, are looking for a different approach to hospitality; with immersive lifestyle experiences their main priority, resulting in a rising demand for special visual imagery and more comprehensive, sensual engagement. Accordingly, it is necessary for the hospitality industry to adjust to this new trend in consumer preferences, demanding that hotels put substantial effort into creating a new environment, appealing to the consumers’ five senses.

This is an excerpt of the article “Engaging the Millennial Consumer through a Multi-Sensory Approach” which appeared in Hotel Business Review on June 27, 2016.

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