Making Design a Multisensory Experience

Lodging Magazine:
Making Design a Multisensory Experience

Scott Acton, founder and CEO of Forté Specialty Contractors, was interviewed by Lodging Magazine about enhancing the customer experience through multi-sensory design.

Integrating a unique technological experience with basic human stipulation provides an engaging environment which appeals to a younger demographic. Although many millennials do use and rely on technology, they are still interested in a new angle to the familiar which “covers all of the senses in an experience.” Instead of creating just a typical restaurant, the trend is to create an experience. Through digital projection technologies, contractors can easily transform the environment within a hotel or restaurant without altering the physical space. Acton notes that “by incorporating white spaces, you gain total control over the environment digitally and can use projection to transform areas into completely immersive environments.”

This is an excerpt of the article “Making Design a Multisensory Experience” which appeared in Lodging Magazine on Aug. 19, 2016.

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