Snapshot – Scott Acton, Owner

Las Vegas Business Press:
Snapshot – Scott Acton, Owner of Forté

Scott Acton, owner of Forté, comes to the construction industry’s creative side naturally. Prior to branching out on his own in 1998, Acton worked with his family on and off for more than a decade. In 2005, Acton was honored as Small Businessman of the Year, after opening Trevi Manufacturing.

Acton founded Forté in 2010 amid a chaotic economy. He credits his business skills for guiding him through the recession. As dining, retail and construction changed, “owners got smarter and they wanted to buy differently,” he said in explaining how he was able to capture a market segment and grow Forté.

In this Q&A, Acton discusses the challenges faced with their newest project: a nightclub at Wynn, called Intrigue. “[The designers of Intrigue] brought us a concept and we actually did a design-build. It was a lot of problem-solving. It was probably one of the most challenging jobs of my career.”

Acton continues on to explain why being a member of the construction industry brings out the creativity in a person: “I’ve never been on a job where you built it exactly as it was drawn. You have architects with an idea but really who’s drawing it is a second-year architecture student that’s just trying to figure it out. I think it would be beneficial for anyone in architecture to get out there and build stuff, go swing a hammer, go dig a ditch, go feel it, touch it. It changes the way you look at things.”

Photo: Stephanie Annis – Las Vegas Business Press. This is an excerpt of the article “Snapshot: Scott Acton, Owner of Forté” which appeared in Las Vegas Business Press on June 13, 2016.

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